Casa Stradivari : from the Master's atelier to an international cultural center !

Casa Stradivari reopens its doors to the public on 4 July 2023. It is a date that was not chosen by chance because it was precisely on this same day in 1667 that the most brilliant luthier of all time made his entrance into what was to be his first marital home and his first atelier.

The idea came about following the journey that the violinist Fabrizio von Arx undertook in 2020 to bring his violin back to the city of Cremona, where it had been made 300 years earlier. Fabrizio von Arx arrived at the neglected home of the master Stradivari and decided to restore it and give it back to the community. And so it was that "The Angel" violin was responsible for saving the house where he was born!

Thanks to the commitment of Fabrizio von Arx and the support of the Municipality of Cremona, this place that has such vital significance for the history of global music is finally returning to new life with a recovery project that aims to make it a centre of cultural promotion, artistic dialogue and training for young people.

"Casa Stradivari emanates creative energy. For this reason, we wanted to create spaces where artists can interact for the development of new ideas, maintaining the centrality of the instrument. In fact, it was precisely the encounter between Stradivarius and the violinists-composers of the time, in my opinion, one of his many "secrets": the plurality of musical actors involved is what transformed Cremona-based violinmaking into a universally recognised work of art, a source of inspiration for masterpieces that still amaze us today"

Fabrizio von Arx